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“When we first saw the farm in Utterson in the snow, we fell in love with it. What a lovely vacation/living space, with the lovely barn, gorgeous acreage, awesome lake, and forest areas. You helped us through a long bargaining process, and stuck with us even when the talks broke down. You got the parties together later on, and we came to an agreement – thank you!”
“You bring the term “after-sale service” back into play in real estate. My dad was a real estate broker in Mimico, and I know he would have really appreciated your after sale help.”

Joe Brown

“Every night after we tuck in the animals (chickens and horses) to bed, Mike picks me up at the house on his 4-wheeler and takes me ever so slowly all around the property and says “that’s ours honey… It is amazing up here – with breathtaking sunsets and early morning fog….hard to describe really.  Thank you again so much Tanya (and to your mom) for all your hard work….we couldn’t have done it without you!  I will definitely recommend you guys for any real estate business.”

“Even though you made it look easy, I’m sure it must have taken time and effort.  You worked your schedule around my crazy hours and were focused on my needs in a relaxed manner that made shopping for the right home a great experience.”
“Your knowledge of all the steps in the process and all the small details prevented me from becoming overwhelmed by the process.  And I’m sure that your tips and advice saved me a great deal of money.  I thank you very much for that.”

“You won’t go wrong by choosing Team Grainger to be your real estate agents.”
“If you want your real estate needs to be met by a team of professional, hardworking, loyal agents, they will all be met by Simone and Tanya.”

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