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Just last week Porter Airlines announced that it will be offering 20 minute flights from Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport to the Muskoka Airport for the summer season.  Muskoka a premiere Ontario destination, consistently voted as a top place to visit in Canada, offers a pristine, natural setting which compels tourists and cottages alike to hop into the car and brave the Friday afternoon/evening traffic on our provincial highways.

Just imagine skipping the commute, and “the lines (a Porter bonus)” and arriving in Muskoka via direct flight. Porter will offer two flights on Fridays and two flights Monday’s, with long weekends leaving Tuesday.  Upon arrival in Muskoka, taxi and car rental services are available at the airport. Further Explorers Edge, a local company dedicated to various wilderness destinations, will provide seasonal shuttle bus service to accommodations across the region.

With this in mind, combined with Muskoka’s iconic setting and traditions, there is little doubt this new luxury service connecting the city to Muskoka, will contribute to Muskoka’s economy, giving a boost to local business and resorts, making Muskoka even more luxurious and desirable.

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