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It’s important to emphasize the we because it’s always about a tiny team that does something mighty.” ~ Michele Romanow

The Grainger Team recently attended Michele Romanow’s talk entitled “As we talk about change,” at world renowned Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka.   A Dragon on CBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den, Michele is a successful, serial entrepreneur who started 5 companies before her 33rd birthday.   Michele believes “it’s important to emphasize the “we” because it’s always about a tiny team that does something mighty.”

The Grainger team embodies Michele’s lived experience, “successful people who do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do.” Serial entrepreneurs themselves, the Grainger team provides unparalleled service to their clients.  While it is possible to research and take virtual tours online, nothing beats old fashioned feet on the ground.  With many clients out of town, as well as understanding the importance of the client’s time, the Grainger Team strives to provide seamless customer service. From previewing properties and providing honest feedback, the Grainger team provides timely communication and advice to assist and empower both Buyers and Sellers throughout the real estate transaction.

Why use a team?

Over the last decade, real estate teams have evolved into powerhouses. Teams bring a variety of Realtors each with their own unique strengths & experiences to assist the client.  Within a brokerage, teams often account for a large percentage of the sales volume despite accounting for a small percentage of the headcount.

At the Grainger team, we are a true team. Our agents work closely together to ensure that our clients experience is greater than the sum of all the parts – there aren’t any individual agents operating individually under the Grainger Team banner!  Located in Muskoka, our team thrives on bringing buyers and sellers together.

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